ENPOST Forest Conservation (EFC) is a division of ENPOST. EFC is located at Ido-Ijesa in Ilesa, Nigeria. The forest which covers a land area of about 2km by 1km, contains over one hundred species of fully-grown naturally bred & preserved trees. There are several trees of each species in the farm.


ENPOST farm has many fruits and vegetables which include mango, sweet orange, bitter/sour orange, lime, tangerine, avocado pear, guava, pineapple, grapefruit, coconut, breadfruit, banana and leafy vegetables. We also grow arable crops such as yam, cocoyam, cassava, maize and plantain.


Biogas is methane gas formed from organic wastes by bacteria under anaerobic conditions, and it can be used for cooking heating, lighting, electricity generation and crop processing to reduce post-harvest losses. ENPOST biogas generation dated back to 1982 when we constructed and used the first biogas generator in Nigeria.

ENPOST Nigeria

ENPOST (Environmental Pollution Science and Technology Limited) is an initiative of Professor Olu Odeyemi, OFR who owns and manages Nigeria’s first Eco – Tourism center. ENPOST is located at Ido-Ijesa Road in Ilesa, Nigeria.

It was set up many years ago to solve the problems of environmental pollution, food security, power, agroforestry/biodiversity conservation, portable water supply, organic farming/organic fertilizer, livestock production etc.

It is also set up to provide agricultural and environmental education and research facilities and activities. It serves as the first private ecotourism centre in Nigeria.

For instance, the farm has played host to visitors from China, India, Holland, Benin Republic, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa etc and to many academics, students, journalists, and professional organizations in Nigeria.

ENPOST is divided into the following sections:

  • Forestry and biodiversity farm
  • Organic fertilizer factory
  • Biofertilizer/Rhizobium inoculants production
  • Fish farming
  • Arable crop farming
  • Fruit and vegetable garden
  • Oil palm plantation