Biogas Generation Technology


Biogas is methane gas formed from organic wastes by bacteria under anaerobic conditions, and it can be used for cooking heating, lighting, electricity generation and crop processing to reduce post-harvest losses.

ENPOST biogas generation dated back to 1982 when we constructed and used the first biogas generator in Nigeria. Since then, we have constructed a number of biogas generating plants for use by families and communities. ENPOST utilizes a technology which generates biogas from organic wastes, thus, converting ‘waste into wealth’. Prominent among the biogas plants constructed by ENPOST is the one located at ENPOST farm along Ido-Ijesa road in Ilesa town of Osun State, Nigeria. The biogas plant is currently being used for heating and lighting, and it can have a life span of 70 years! The post-digestion sludge from the biogas digester can be used for fish feeding mushroom cultivation, and as liquid organic fertilizer and as an insecticides.

Do you have huge organic waste constituting nuisance in your locality? The solution is ENPOST. ENPOST will help you convert the waste into organic fertilizer or biogas. Contact us today, and you will be glad you did.