Production and Sale of Biofertilizer/Rhizobium Inoculants


Biological nitrogen fixation by root nodule bacteria contributes 9.1X1010Kg/yr nitrogen to the global fixed nitrogen pool compared to mere 2.2×1010 Kg/yr nitrogen from the chemical fixation by the Haber Bosch process (inorganic fertilizer). Hence, all over the world legume farmers are encouraged to use nitrogen fixing bacteria as bio fertilizers (inoculants) instead of inorganic chemical fertilizers. For this reason, ENPOST have screened about 200 strains of rhizobia through laboratory, green house, and field trials to select 4 strains which have been found to be very effective and promiscuous in fixing nitrogen.

Presently, ENPOST produces  these strains of rhizobia on a large scale and sell same to legume farmers as biofertilizer (inoculant) to boast protein production in crops such as cowpea, groundnut, pigeon pea and beans.

Our ENPOST legume inoculants have been used by the FAO and Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture (Abuja) to enhance yields of cowpea in Niger, Nasarawa, Bauchi, Kwara and Katsina States.