Production and Sale of High Quality Organic Fertilizer

Enpost Organic Fertilizer

Our current agricultural practices do not allow for proper soil humus regeneration. Consequently, virtually all the food we eat lack adequate minerals for healthy life. It is a well known fact that agricultural products can be enhanced by the use of chemical fertilizer. However, the excessive applications of these chemical fertilizers result in:

  • Soil deterioration which can subject the soil to erosion
  • Pollution of surface and underground waters through leaching
  • Decline in soil productivity
  • Adverse health effects on humans and animals

As an apostle of organic farming, and in his effort to reduce the over dependence on chemical fertilizer and to move towards more natural and healthier methods of food production, Professor Olu Odeyemi through meticulous research, formulated an organic fertilizer from food wastes, city refuge, animal manures and agricultural wastes. This organic fertilizer which is named ‘ENPOST Organic Fertilizer’ is environmentally friendly, non- toxic, non-polluting and above all ENPOST Organic Fertilizer contains sufficient quantum of plant macro and micro nutrients.

Some Benefits of ENPOST Organic Fertilizer

  • It is used to produce safe foods for human and animal consumption and for the export market.
  • It supplies macro and micronutrients to the soil to enhance soil productivity and crop yields.
  • It enhances the cation exchange capacity, water holding capacity and base saturation of soils.
  • It promotes infiltration of clayey soil and deceases porosity of a sandy soil.
  • It is used to decontaminate oil polluted soil (bioremediation)
  • It reduces soil acidity and aridity.
  • It protects soil against denudation and erosion
  • It is used as a base-carrier for Bradyrhizobiuminoculant production for enhancing yields of legumes such as soybeans, cowpea, and groundnut.
  • It is used as fish feed.
  • It is used for mushroom cultivation.
  • It is used for seedling production and tree planting to promote afforestation, agroforestry and biodiversity and discourage desertification especially in the northernmost states of Nigeria.

Hence, the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture, FAO and the National Special Programme on Food Security have been patronizing our ENPOST Fertilizer to introduce organic agriculture to Nigerian farmers and to support Fadama agriculture. Several private farmers are also using our fertilizer. Efforts are currently being made to introduce our organic fertilizer to the neighbouring states of Mali and Niger Republic.